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Don’t you just love smelling something good? There are plenty of people we encounter every day with different fragrances - and they say each scent speaks about a person’s personality! Perfumes are worn depending on the mood of a person, or they match it with the kind of outfit they are wearing.


From floral scent, wood scent to fruity ones, there’s one for everyone. Young and energetic people love fruity smell while women who are more on the feminine side tend to wear scented floral perfumes. If you’re one of the people who doesn't wear a type of scent, it’s time for you to find the fragrance for you! 



Discover the Perfect Fragrance For You


There are various types of perfume available. Some scents last longer, and some perfumes stay for a long time when sprayed specific places of the body such as your wrist and the back of your ears. Find out the perfect fragrance for you!


•       Parfum or Perfume. If you want something that lasts long, the perfume has the highest aromatic compound of 15-40%. Both men and women can enjoy the fragrance of the perfume.

•       Eau de Parfum. What today’s people refer to as “perfume”. This type of perfume is typically worn during night time as it also doesn’t wear off quickly. It contains 10-20% concentration of aromatic compounds.


•       Eau de Cologne. A lighter scent that has 3-8% concentration of aromatic compounds. This type of perfume is mostly used by younger ones because it doesn’t have a strong smell. Both young and adult can enjoy this kind of fragrance.


•       Eau de Toilette. Commonly referred to as “aromatic waters” with alcohol content. This type of cologne has around 5-15% of aromatic compound concentration. It is typically applied directly to the skin after taking a bath or shaving.


•       Solid Perfume. Unlike the rest, this type of perfume is in a stable state. It comes from a kind of wax melted along with essential oils. This type of scent clings best on the wrist and the back of the ears.



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The best perfumes give you a long and lasting scent - whether it’s a designer perfume or a baby cologne, Growth and Value’s wide selection of fragrances ensures that your scent will keep you fresh all day. Whichever fragrance you want to suit your style, you’ll find your favourite scent from your favourite brand here.