Tablets PCs

Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs: Your Portable Productivity Station On the Go


Tablets PCs are everywhere - it’s the next gadget people opt to use after mobile phones and for a good reason. Tablet PCs are now replacing desktops, laptops and mobile phones as a primary device for serious work such as creating presentations or composing emails and leisure such as gaming and watching movies and videos. 


Having a tablet pc lets you stay connected even when you are outside the comfort of your home. Tablet PCs has the power of a computer, lighter weight than a laptop, and a has a perfect LCD size for gaming that’s why people tend to go for a tablet PC.


Gone are the days when tablet pcs were just a simple portable tab that lets you surf the web. Thanks to technological advancements, these tablet computers have become powerful with impressive features and keyboard - perfect for people who are working.


If you’re work often involved travelling, a tablet pc is ideal for you. You can easily have access to information in the palm of your hands and send reports whether you’re sitting at a cafe or on the road.



Knowing More About Tablet PC


When choosing for a tablet PC, there are different sizes, features, OS, available. What to know before buying tablet pcs? There are varieties of tablet PC to choose from:


Tablet PC without Call Feature: Most tablet PC only rely on a Wi-Fi connection before you can access the world wide web - these are commonly known as Wi-Fi tablets. This kind of tablet is perfect for entertainment and leisure.


Tablet with Call Feature: A phone and tablet in one - or Phablets. While it has a Wi-Fi feature, it also has a SIM card slot which enables you to receive calls. The tablet is most suitable for working people - who simultaneously work and make calls on the go.


Below are things you should consider before choosing the best tablet PC for you.


•       Operating System (OS). Like desktop computers and laptops, tablet pcs also has an operating system running under its hood. This makes the data in a simple visual form known as the User Interface. It also controls what applications you can download as each OS has its application available in its store.


For instance, there is an app you can only find on an Android tablet which is not available for an iOS. You should consider the type of OS you need depending on the applications you often use.

Choose from the following OS:


•       Google Android. Google Android is the most flexible OS out of the three. It can run pretty much any apps that iOS and Windows have. It also powers top brand devices such as Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fire. You can find cheap tablets under £100 with an Android Tablet.


•       iOS. Regarding quality and utility, iOS is equivalent to Android. While its quality and designs remain topnotch, the iOS is only available on Ipad - an Apple device.


•       Windows. If you are a Windows user, you’d need to get a hands-on these tablet. Windows OS syncs perfectly with Windows 10, making a Windows tablet a formidable opponent to Google and iOS.


•       Size. You’ll find a variety of screen sizes for tablet PCs as mall as 7-8 inches - slightly bigger than your cell phone. There are 12-inches available which are the same size of a laptop. However, most people opt for a 10-inch android tablet - as it’s a size that’s just right. When choosing the size of your tablet, ask yourself what you’re going to use it for.


•       Power (RAM): A tablet pc is just as powerful as its processor and RAM that runs it. The bigger the RAM, the more massive applications you can run without experiencing delays. If you’re only going to use your tablet PC for browsing, you can settle for a 2GB RAM. Otherwise, you will need a bigger RAM for applications that require higher specs.


•       Memory: Most affordable tablet PC tend only to have 4GB of memory - which is pretty good for casual use. But if you manage to store movies, music and other files, you’d want something bigger. Tablet PCs that are high quality have 100GB of storage. If you’re settling for a tablet with a smaller memory - select the Tablet with an upgradeable memory.


•       Battery life: Plenty of tablet PC lasts a day, but they still vary greatly depending on the tablet. Tablet pcs last 8 hours before it runs out of juice. It’s better to look for a tablet that runs for 8 hours or more.



Choosing the Best Brand for Tablet PC


When it comes to choosing the brand of tablet pc - there are tons of choice available. Whether it’s Microsoft, Apple, HP, or ASUS - Growth and Value provides the best manufacturers that produce the best Tablet PC for your needs.


If you’ve decided to buy tablet pc, we can even assist you in choosing the tablet pc for you and compare the various features of all these different tablet computers. At Growth and Value, we also offer the best deals and discounts for the tablet pc that you want.